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Mahi Whakatere


When it comes to making big decisions about your next steps, sometimes a flyer or personality quiz just doesn’t cut it. Instead, you need one-on-one career conversations that get you thinking about what gets you out of bed every morning …

Make it happen

With Impact’s career coaching, you can ask the awkward questions and discuss the tricky topics.

Across multiple sessions, we’ll help you uncover what you really want and guide you towards the clarity and direction that you crave.

Every conversation is unique to you and what you want to achieve,
but here’s an idea of some of the topics we discuss:

Your passions, personality and strengths

What’s your superpower? How do you relate to other people? What causes are you passionate about? Where can you make the biggest impact?

Let’s not forget weaknesses

We talk about what it means to have a growth mindset and how to see weaknesses and challenges as possibilities to learn and grow.

What if?

We can brainstorm possible scenarios that might come up in interviews, training or during the job, so that you feel ready to think on your feet.

It’s ok to change

Success is not about settling. We can talk about what might happen if a job or course is not the right fit, and when it might be time to move on.

How to leave a job

Down the track you might find out that a job’s not the right fit or not what you imagined. Learn ways on how you can leave graciously with your dignity, mana and good references intact.

Find your own flyers

It’s not about us chucking prospectuses and flyers at you. Impact’s real value is in our coaching skills, listening to you and helping you discover things for yourself

Our Impact mentors are here to help you find a pathway that makes you love the kicks you’re in. We understand that life is not always easy or straightforward, so at times we might recommend another programme to help you in your self-discovery.


Craving meaningful career conversations and want to discover what’s next? To find out more about Impact’s career navigation programme, or to book one-on-one coaching with our trained facilitators, please send us a message. We’d love to hear from you.

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